About Us

After almost 20 years of silently battling with hair loss caused by Trichotillomania (a form of traction alopecia), Jazmine Asiedua Otchereh founded Meeno Cosmetics on the commitment to help others just like her who suffer from hair loss, to reclaim their confidence in their appearance. 

Meeno Cosmetics’ launch in 2021 introduced an inclusive collection of high-performing all-natural hair growth products designed for both men and women and provides remedies for all hair types. Backed by years of extensive research, the products include over a dozen different plant-based ingredients directly and ethically sourced from countries across Asia and Africa. We utilise ancient natural hair growth remedies to introduce products that promote the (re)growth of optimally healthier hair.

As a brand, we take pride in our commitment to local sourcing and manufacturing. Our products are proudly crafted in Ghana, harnessing the rich heritage and expertise of this beautiful country. By choosing to manufacture in Ghana, we support local communities and contribute to the growth of the local economy. By embracing the essence of Ghanaian craftsmanship, we bring you hair growth solutions that are authentic, sustainable, and infused with the spirit of Africa. When you choose Meeno Cosmetics, you not only invest in your hair's health but also support the development and empowerment of Ghanaian artisans.