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bye bye dandruff

I have very dry scalp and tend to get a lot of dandruff 3-4 days after every wash. it got very bad that i stopped braiding my hair for months. i decided to give the hair growth oil and butter a go recently when i gathered the courage to get braids and lemme say i never experienced dandruff for 5 weeks.

luscious Hair

I've got fine wavy/ curly hair..

Let me tell you that i fell in love with this perfect duo, I noticed a difference from the very first wash after applying the hair mask and oil, it was left on my hair for 3 days and I immediately saw less breakage, I can assure you that purchasing this is an investment.
My hair has felt intensely nourished, smoother, less frizzy and shinier after the first use, cannot wait to be consistent with this and see my hair grow and become stronger..

Will upload some pictures in a month of before and after x

Hair Growth Oil
Enyonam Agbenu
about hair growth oil

I was diagnosed earlier on in the year with alopecia areata and every product was not working for me, i was not seeing any improvements at all,it was just scalp. It was frustrating. I purchased the hair growth oil and i did my best to be consistent. it took some timeeee but my hair is growing back!

Derma Roller

Already starting to see growth in my hair.

Get this product, it’s only been a week and I can see a difference with using the derma roller and the growth oil. Will see how much my edges will grow by the end of the month. Thank you Meeno cosmetics for my products.

Lush and brow serum

I particularly enjoyed using the lash oil by meeno. My lash and brows are fuller and more defined.
The brush makes it very easy use and apply.


Got it and instantly saw a difference in my hair quality, texture and growth after like a week or 2 of consistent use. amazing product I highly recommend it

Saw on TikTok

Saw this serum on TikTok and took a chance with it… all I have to say is WOW. noticed a difference in my lashes within the very 1st week… It’s been 3 weeks now and my lashes are so long it looks like I’m wearing mascara. Will definitely buy again!!!


This hair growth oil helped my bald spot grow and it hasn’t grown fully yet but it has grown a lot and i see the difference . I started seeing it within 2 weeks and now its almost been 4 weeks and its becoming more noticeable ! & Ive noticed new baby hairs!

It works !

This hair growth oil is what has worked for my edges and my hair. Just be consistent everyone's hair grows at a different rate. I can't wait to see my hair flourish even more with Meeno

My edgesss!!

I always loose my edges when I braid my hair, but starting using the hair growth butter and oil duo and my edges are flourishing. My hair was also moisturised with no flaking on my scalp after having the braids in for 6-weeks which never happens.

Lash & Brow Growth Serum
Anna Dufie Afriyie

How should I even start 🥹! I have seen countless oils on social media but as soon as I saw Meeno , I decided to try my lack ! I sent a dm and I ordered right away ! After a year and half of consistently using Meeno oil on my edges and their lash kit , I Must I don’t regret getting it at all ! You all should wait to see my natural hair when I take down my braids 🥰

Great buy

Hair is soft and manageable absolutely good buy

Miracle in a bottle

Absolutely love this product helped with my brows and edges !!!

Holy grail!

This is the only product that has helped with my edges and I absolutely love it !!!

Beard Oil
Soft Beard

For everyday use, this beard oil has been very beneficial. It has taken my beard from it being dry to now being very soft. It also last very long, I put it on in the morning and by the afternoon, my beard is still shining. My beard now looks more full and continues to grow.

Beard Oil
Chemba Philips
Fuller beard already

Got this with the Derma roller to fill in the gaps in my beard. It’s only been a month but so far so good, my beard is noticeably fuller and softer

Hair Growth Kit
Chemba Philips
Results in 1 month

My hairline was receding quite badly. Started using this kit and saw results in 1 month. My hair is not fully back but the progress has been impressive. Will leave n updated review in a few months to come

Cleanse & Repair Duo
Chemba Philips
Great for my beard

I tend to get dandruff in my beard, the shampoo really helps get rid of it which is great. The conditioner helps to really soften my beard and smells great too

Clarifying Shampoo
Nikki Longdon
Great for dandruff

Leaves your scalp feeling reallyy refreshed and clean and gives instant relief from itchiness and dandruff which was my main issue. Really good shampoo

Hair Growth Kit
Nikki Longdon
Saved my edges

Lost all my edges due to a bad hairstyle I did but this hair growth kit helped me grow it back in less than a month. Grateful I found these products I love them

Hair Growth Butter
Nikki Longdon
Miracle in a jar!

As someone who has struggled with hair loss and thinning for years, I can confidently say that Meeno Cosmetics' Hair Growth Butter is nothing short of a miracle in a jar! This incredible product has transformed my hair and boosted my confidence like never before.

My hairs thicker, longer & overall HEALTHIER than ever before!!!

Bonus: has a really pleasant fragrance and smooth texture.

Will definitely be repurchasing

love this hair growth butter!

This product makes my hair feel so soft! and really helps to hydrate my 4C hair; my hair doesn't feel dry after using this product. I would definitely recommend this product to people who have brittle hair and struggle with finding products that promote hydration. This product is a 10/10!!

Love this conditioner!

I love this conditioner! It makes detangling so much easier, my hair felt so soft after using this conditioner. I also love the smell of this product! Such a big size, definitely worth the price!

Left my hair feeling soft

I must say, I was pleasantly surprised by how large each product was. The clarifying shampoo contains Neem & Tea Tree and anyone who uses Neem knows it smells like garlic but this shampoo smelt divine, very fresh and clean. I don't actually use conditioner on my Locs but I decided to give it a try and boy oh boy have I been missing out!! This conditioner left my hair so bouncy, I've dyed my Locs recently so they really needed some TLC. As soon as I saw Chebe was in the hair butter I gasped because I need my hair to be touching my bum soon ohh. And lastly I used the hair growth oil to seal in all the moisture.